Gazing at the twilight.

She stands in her balcony at twilight, gazing at the outside world while the world inside her is floating in the waves of thoughts. It’s the same view every day, but the winds change. She feels different. It’s just another day though. Nothing is new, nor is anything the same at this point of her life. The definition of ‘normal’ has changed in a way that she cannot define it anymore. It hasn’t been about him lately. She has started to like this phase of her life. She doesn’t understand, but she knows that she is learning something new every, single, day.

She is unable to apprehend the stream of thoughts and feelings. The line between the emotions and practicality has vanished and she goes amiss in the conflict of her inner world, tripping and trembling, like a drunk person, with the steps she takes. She socializes more than she speculates herself to be capable of, just to fill the hole in her soul. She has left pieces of them in his life and now it seems like some puzzle which will not be solved, ever. She has to find a new puzzle all together, which makes her feel excited and hollow at the same time. Love… Hate… are merely words that has evolved as the senses of her body.

“It’s a new day today, lady!” she wakes up with the persuasion. She smiles as she learns something new about herself. She loves being around herself and yet she cannot live alone. On one hand she has come to conclusion that every love will turn into a heartbreak at some or the other point of time, and on the other hand, she is waiting for her soul mate to rescue her from all these sporadic beliefs.

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