He never noticed, and She never realized.

He comes home at 1 a.m. and wakes her up. “I missed you so much in the movie”, and hugs her tight. She always considered him 50% heartless, ergo, his action and emotion puzzled her. In her sleep, assuming it to be a dream she goes back to sleep, smiling.

Growing up, sharing their room, she was so close to him, yet grown apart by now. She hears stories from their mother about him taking care of her when she was a baby, and she looks at him and wonders, “Where did that boy disappear?” While he is right there, lying on the swing in the living room, talking to his friends over the phone.

She was in the 4th grade, when he was in the 9th. With their mother’s command, she would follow him from school to home while he walked with his friends. She has always been an insecure kid. And one day she found out about his girlfriend! She was a kid, she didn’t understand, but she was furious! She refused to talk to him for days, and what made her bitterer was his ignorance of noticing it.

She longed for his attention as the distance grew between them. Later… She got use to his absence in her life, and yet always felt lonely when he wasn’t around. Small moments with him became great memories for her and important occasions for her abated into microscopic events for him. Although they had their share of typical ‘fights and complaining to their mother’ moments, ‘irritating each other and then laughing about it’ moments, but she lived her own life.

She was officially an adult now, besides, his life was changing too. “Its correct” if he says its correct, and “I won’t do it” if he thinks it’s stupid. His ideologies were her life. He never noticed and She never realized.

It’s been 22 years with him. She has hammered her feelings into him which has opened a little window and she is allowed to peep in, and enter. They also have their ‘expressing emotions’ moments now. She loves him, she hates him. She has bloomed to be a lady with her own set of ideologies, outlook of the world and independent thoughts which are very different and, at times, better compared to his. And yet… He is her Role Model.


10 thoughts on “He never noticed, and She never realized.

  1. Non of the moments that they both shared were microscopic for him, he trurned so goofy and stupid because she encouraged him, laughed at every silly joke he craked and after a point of time he became dependent on her for every little silly thing and waited for her reactions on it.
    Randomly just slapping on her shoulder, screaming some nonsence, annoying her, splashing water on her face everytime he washes his hands and just running away are the things that only shared with her and no one else.
    She has secured a very special place in his heart and she will always be there, he might not be so good with expressing his feelings but … thats how he is 😀


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