The transformation from Bournvita to Coffee.

Remember how in childhood you use to like/drink milk so much, especially with added chocolate powder to it, and gradually you move to tea/coffee/nothing? Why? Is it because your mother stopped giving you a glass of milk every morning? Or is it that you don’t need all the calcium and protein that chocolate powder contains, anymore?

She keeps noticing these small difference in arrangements around her, within herself, in her life lately. She has changed a lot, “it’s a part of growing up, I guess” she thinks to herself while sipping the strong, hot coffee from that huge cup that morning. The stream of consciousness takes her on a roller-coaster ride every day while she sits back in the big, bright, empty room, on a black chair. The long, white curtains become the victim of the passing wind which influxes them along and the sun rays battling to enter through the finite window.

“I am a Bournvita girl” she use to say, so proudly, just few months ago, “I don’t understand what’s the deal with coffee making people get through the day?” she would definitely add. “Hmmh!” with a puzzle-full tone she leans back to rest with the cup in her hand, struggling with these contradictions of her words and actions.

She has started to like the bitter-sweet taste of the coffee now, she has started to realize that life is not all about the chocolaty sweetness and she has learnt to sit back and enjoy the pungency of living. She surprises herself with all the lame people’s judgments she has given so much importance to. She learns to hate, she learns to love, the same people she doesn’t care about anymore. Family, Friends, People, Humans.

And she breaks thorough the boundaries of adoration and animosity…


13 thoughts on “The transformation from Bournvita to Coffee.

  1. Hi, I am a new reader on your blog. My first comment here. I think Bournvita is somewhere deeply attached to my childhood as well. The quality might not be the same, as I feel the quality has gone down over a period of time, but the memories of my drinking Bournvita and going off to school is priceless.


  2. Enjoyed reading your short pieces. Wonderful to know that you have such a creative side to your personality… keep them coming!


  3. Hahaha! Actually to think of it, I can’t even remember why or when it was, that I crossed that faint line between bournvita and coffee. Very well written. Can relate to it 🙂


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