Home and the World

(Title inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s novel)

“Home is where your heart is”

But, she has lost her heart already, or probably, she hasn’t found it ever. So… what about the home?_MG_0511

She is back from the typical ‘So much needed break’. Every time she leaves the city, she leaves an integral part of herself behind. Moving out of Mumbai feels like moving on in life. And then there is a day that she has to come back to all of it, in the exact same way she ran from. The same names echoing in her ears, the unchanging spaces flashing in front of her eyes with the rapid blinks, and she feels rigid, like she never left.



“Everyone loves traveling” she frowns, “but everyone also loves their home too” she doubts in silence. She fails to perceive the point of coming back to a Home because the concept of home is much more than shelter to her. It isn’t the people, nor the place, it is the Space that drowns her heart… heavy, sinking heart. She does not sense the magic in the city like it has been elucidated in the books, or by the travelers. So Many Associations with the surroundings that she has forgotten the original purpose of these spaces.


She is so accustomed to the routine at home that she feels drugged while performing them, she does it, but she doesn’t realize that she is doing it. She has other Homes and Hearts in picture.

She travels to different cities and realizes that she has only pretended to love her personal spaces, back at home. She has to move away, she has to move out, she has to move on. It isn’t just a holiday this time. She understands the amount of courage needed for it and she does not feel brave… She wants to dream that dream but she is afraid of closing her eyes in the dark.

But what does she know, even if she closes her eyes, all she will get is darkness in inception.

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