The Limited Love.

He enters the fancy, well-structured, square large cabin. She sits right in front of the door, up straight, on the big brown leather chair, with right leg crossed on the other one and full confidence in her eyes.

“Come, sit down Mr…?”

As he sits down, she removes a paper with all the rules and regulations, and the Do’s and Don’ts. He starts reading, raising his right eyebrow he chuckles.

“What’s so funny Mr…?” he can sense soreness in her voice.

“These aren’t practical and rational activities to be performed.”

“Everything is practical and rational when you are being paid a good amount in return!” she had a domineering voice.“So… Yes or No?”

“You find me pretty handsome, don’t you?” “You wouldn’t have been here and your pictures would have been there” she points towards the dustbin in the corner of the cabin, “If I did not find you good enough”

“Alright” with a straight face, he said, “When do I start?”

“Right away”

“Right away!? But don’t you think it might need time for me to feel someth..?”

“I don’t have patient, nor do I have the energy to start from the scratch. You are not being paid for your time and feeling! Do you understand? Now, save my number in your phone, go home and start! I hope you know where to begin with!?”

“Yes, I surely do. I have done this before. It’s only my first time that I am doing it for money”

“Good then!” She showed him the door, and he left.

They started spending time together. They started talking all day and late nights. They started going for extravagant dinners after work and brunch on Sundays. He came to pick her up at work, opened the door of his car for her, played her favorite music, and even ate her favorite cuisine. He made her laugh. He would keep looking at her as she smiled and laughed and spoke and ate.

“I miss you” She would smile reading his text amidst all the work.

They lay in each other’s arms one night and she says “Only cuddling, remember?”

“Hmmmm…” and an extended silence.

“Why do you need me only like this?” he finally questioned. This thought has been over powering his mind since a while now, and this was the right time to ask, he thought. It’s been a few months that they are spending time. He is not as hesitant to ask anymore.

“It’s none of your business” she said it strictly.

“I am involved, I need to know, It’s been months now!” he insisted.

She looked up to him, in his eyes, took a deep breath and started narrating… “I’ve been with a lot of men, in search of Love. Fallen in love, broken into pieces. Waited for them to fall in love, flattered them, surrounded myself with flattery. It’s the same process. You know someone, you start spending time, you like them, you fall for them, you are shy at first and then you grow into them, the lust, the pleasure, the love. They break your soul or you break their heart, you weep, you beg, you cry, you rage… You know someone new and the course repeats. It’s a really long practice isn’t it? And then you finally learn to live with yourself, and you finally learn that the pleasure is not in the Lust but in the Care. The care the other person makes you feel in their presences, the warmth in their arms, is the true pleasure and satisfaction. You can buy sex. But that is not what I need. At least, be it artificial, I have warm arms – even scientifically – to be in.”

He smiles and checks his watch. “It’s late, I guess I should leave.” He gets up, turns to her, still in bed, “It’s already been 4 days since the month has begun, will I get my salary late this time too?”

“It’ll be transferred into your account by tomorrow…”

“Ok, see you tomorrow after work.”

“And one more thing, you are overdoing the ‘miss you’ texts now, please do something about it or else…”

“I know, I know. I don’t want less wages this time”

“Hmm! Good!”

She wakes up every morning in an empty bed with a hollow heart and a text from her ‘boyfriend’ – “Good morning, beautiful.”

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