Looking outside the Window #1

The car stopped and she woke up with a jerk. She looked outside, it was dark and she realized she has been travelling all day long. “Toilet break!” the coordinator declared. She looked around and all she could see was dark jungle. She started searching for a spot where she cannot be seen by other humans…

Completing the activity she started walking back to the car. She kept walking and soon realized that she has lost her way. It’s too dark to find anything. She cannot relocate the car. She looks around and it feels like she is blinded. She rubs her eyes to try to see clear, Something! Anything! and she panics. She starts running… directionless, breathing heavy as if someone would hear her and save her life, take her back to a place with more light. Running with all her energy she bangs into a tree.

She falls down, she is dizzy in the dark. “Anyone out there?” she yells… “ANY-ONE, OUT-THERE!?”… No response. The luggage in the car, the cellphone on the seat and she is lost! She is terrified!

She is the protected young child of the family. Not too traveled, never alone, and always in luxury. Born and raised in the city, the bright lighted city.

“What if no one finds me ever, or a wild animal attacks me?” Negativity hovers her mind suddenly and she puts her head down, hands in her hair and starts crying.

She sees a small light blinking around her legs. At first she thinks it’s just some illusion due to layered tears in her eyes, but its moving! She rubs her eyes again and it seems like a tiny damaged bulb swinging in the motion of the wind. For a few seconds she forgets everything and tries to figure out what that glowing thing is. She has never seen a firefly before in her life! It was like a fairy tale coming true and her brain filled with all the happy hormones and she was amused.

She raises her face and she witnesses thousands of fireflies flying towards her,

She is startled…

(To be continued…)


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