Looking outside the Window #2

Her pupils expanded as the fireflies flew towards her with an unhurried speed. It was a magically soothing vision from afar to see a thousand lights in such darkness! But as they came closer it seemed like an unstoppable army marching to attack and they would bash her even if she surrendered.

They flew so slow that it reduced the velocity of time for her. In that distance she thought of all the possible ways to fight them back. “I will just move my hands too fast, that’s how flies go away… or I… I will just run… but where will I go?
Ok, I will just close my eyes and use the cat theory!” she thought. “Yes!” and she closed her eyes tight and waited for it to pass away.

The faces of her loved ones flashed in front of her. Her family, her friends… then the words rang into her mind, “I’ll tell you a little secret. I think women are the strongest.” he always use to say to her. Those words consistently gave her strength. The courage to stand up and look out to the world, the courage to get over all her fears. And she was determined to open her eyes and face the upcoming war in her head.

As she unlocked her eye sight, the time stopped! She looked around only to discover that the fireflies were not flying through her anymore, in fact, they were flying around her. Directionless! Just swaying in the motion of the wind, as if waiting for her approval for something. They had stopped, gathered and encircled her. They were illuminating her space and pulling her out of the darkness. She tried touching them but they would fly away. She managed to catch one between her palms and watched it blink through the space between her hold. She smiled and got acquainted with the present area too soon.

She was at peace now.

When she finished looking around at each of them, they started flying in the other direction. She was scandalized! The light was going away! She didn’t have a path to travel to either, so she stood up and decided to follow the nocturnal luminescent beetles.

(To be continued…)


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