Looking outside the Window #3

She walked through the dingy forest as the flock of candle flies lit up the path for her. She was yet unfit to perceive the true surrounding in the lack of light but she could detect her own skin. Passing by the trees and encountering variety of noises, the fact that she was lost was a stranger to her now. She was engaged in the delight of the floating lights.

As she walked along, she spotted a silhouette of something which looked like a miniature cottage afar. She stopped and tried to examine the obscurity of it in the darkness. The thought of her being alone and lost in the jungle made her happy that she found a civilization now. But suddenly, she was unsure of the place and the people owning the house. So, she did not risk to go near it and disregarding the wild nature she sat leaning on a tree in the black night.

She feared the humans more than the wild livings.

The lightning beetles flew towards the shelter and started placing themselves on it, like they were well-practiced for this dance formation. She sat there like a spectator and envisioned it to look like a decorated city in a remote area. This was the moment that she realized she was far far away from home.

This was the sight when she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


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