Looking outside the Window #4

The sun light crashes on the leaves and falls on her face disturbing her deep, tired sleep of the dense forest. As she slowly opens her eyes the bright rays invades her hibernating space. For a while she was unable to move, she felt stiff as if a part of the tree she was leaning on.

As she slowly gets up, she monitors the area around her, recollecting the series of events happened the previous night. The travel, the dark jungle, the fireflies, the house. THE HOUSE! She could probably find something to eat, water, “a lot of basic necessities could be fulfilled!” she exclaimed.

She gathered all her courage and her doubts and started walking towards the cottage with eminent awareness of her surroundings. She had to successfully cross four old wooden, noisy stairs to get to the wooden door of the wooden house.

No body answered the door when she knocked. So, with a great thrust she penetrated into the decrepit wooden house. It was a dusty, damaged and defected place. “Who could’ve have lived here. Who can live here now?” she thought with a feeling of disgust. She walked around the enclosed space and soon learnt that it was nothing but an empty hole today.

As she walked around the noisy rooms, she felt like someone was whispering in a corner. She looked around but nobody was visible. She ran around the house thinking she would find someone, probably the owner of the house, or just some random people settled there. But she failed to find a single human being around.

The whispers continued and she continued following them and suddenly she was in the middle of the house, the wood was so old and fragile that it could not hold so much of activity.

It cracked!

And before she could learn what was happening, she started falling down. The ground was just four steps below and yet she persistently kept falling deep.


The slamming of the wooden door combined with the hypnic jerk woke her deep, tired sleep of the dense forest!


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