Looking outside the Window #5

She woke up with a dry throat and wet forehead. She didn’t have to recollect the recent occurrences from the previous night as her dream did that for her already. “It was just a dream” she convinced herself gulping her saliva and cleaning her forehead with the sleeves. She soon remembered the noise of the slamming of the door. “Was it a part of that stupid dream?” she was confused while she stared at the house.

Soon her life was divided into two future images. Either she goes into the house and finds good people who would take her in, or she finds bad people and run the other direct. “But what is the other direction anyway?” The only hope was wooden made, right in front of her eyes. The camouflaged yet the only visibly standing out thing in the dense forest this morning.

Before she could make a decision, she heard another undefined sound from the cottage. She was alarmed now. She, once again, gathered all her courage and her doubts and started walking towards it.

The four wooden steps had jumped out of the dream and were placed in the present frame, and so was the wooden door and the house itself. She was petrified. Yet, she felt some mental force directing her. Assuming her familiarity with the space, she didn’t knock this time, instead, she directly entered the door and she could sense like the dream recreating itself. The same wood creaking noises! That one small room! That half glassed window from the dream! She heard someone whispering somewhere. She turned and as soon as she tried locating the sound, but, she remembered the following sequence of the dream.

“Déjà vu? Or am I still sleeping?” she thought, sceptical about the situation and unaware of what is going to happen with her. She started struggling between the fear of the unknown and the curiosity for the same. But the noises had the magnetic effect. She was slowly pulled towards them and with every step she took, she thought about all the possible – real and unreal, rational and irrational, practical and imaginary – circumstances. After the fireflies episode and the resemblance of the dream, she had lost the sense of reality.

As she got closer to the kitchen door, the noises stopped immediately. She was alerted with the stillness. Silence spread quickly in the restrained territory and the sound of her footsteps was amplified. She ran towards the kitchen door and with an equal speed she saw something hurling out from there.

She dodged it, stopped there, looked at it fallen on the floor, near her feet and found it to be a jar. It was the middle of the house again. She was confused. She stamped on the floor to see if it was broken. “Oh Good Lord!” she was relieved when the floor didn’t crack. So she stayed there. The noises began again. Now that she could differentiate between the nightmare and reality, she was determined to find out more about the house.

She walked further towards the kitchen and there was silence again. She was annoyed now! “Enough of the suspense!” She moved towards the kitchen faster this time and more things started flying aimlessly from her aimed destination with a force.

She almost escaped a knife attack…


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