Looking outside the Window #6

As she moved forward, the undefined sounds turned into the banging of things into each other and on the wooden floor, and the whispers slowly turned into a female’s voice. She was now sure that it was a human being, just a crazy one. She entered the kitchen in a hurry and the female froze, she froze in a position with a cup in her raised, right hand.
“Hello” the female uttered hesitantly. There was a moment of silence again in that calm, confined space as they stared at each other. She was a plump female, with short hair. A middle aged looking girl, with a black jeans and a brown, printed woolen poncho. She looked fresh to be living in that inactive house.
“I am sorry, I thought it might be some wild animal” the Poncho Girl continued “This doesn’t seem like your place.”
“No, I am lost. What are you doing here?”
“Eh, I am looking for some food, we’ve been travelling since… wait! Did you just say LOST!?”
“Yes, I am on a holiday and last nig…”
“Oh, come with us!”
“Us? How many are you?
“Two other chicks”
“Chicks?” she was puzzled
“Yeah, my girlfriends”
“But don’t you want to know about me, who I am, where I am from…?”
“We have a long road ahead. You want to come along and I can hear your jabber on the way, or you stay here in some hope and die?”
The Poncho Girl seemed boorish.
“How can I trust you then?”
“I won’t repeat myself again. You seem like a decent girl. You come along or you stay here and hope and die.”
This was another risk she could take. Her life was once again divided into two future images. Either the Poncho Girl will help her reach back home, or something negative. The wooden made hope turned a profitable one. She had gotten another opportunity and the option of staying back alone was no longer active in her thoughts. The Poncho Girl waited for a few seconds till She was struggling with her decisions and then the Girl started walking out of the house.


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