Looking outside the Window #7

She left the society gate and realized she might never come to The Other City girl’s house again. The feeling started to sink in. Living in the same city, the association, the reason to visit that house was going away to another City now. She had learned a lot from The Other City girl. Living in the same country, the diversity in the cultures would fascinate her the most. She could trust her, she could talk to her, she could believe her, she could live in the bubble with her. Nevertheless, it was time to break that bubble and jump and hit the ground of the real earth.

Kindergarten, DONE. Schooling, DONE. College, DONE. Post-graduation, DONE. It’s her mid-life crisis now it seems. People moving back to their home towns, people earning, people getting married! And what about her? Amidst the turmoil of nothingness hovers the emotions. All the unforeseen is caving in. Close friends moving away suddenly puts her in the center of extinction.

She was one of those who loves changes and yet takes time to accept one. She believes that things have moved to a better destination, when she wakes up and she has herself on her mind rather than other people… but her destination was still unnamed.

She was dragged out of her thinking world with the slamming of the wooden door, yet again! She looked around and realized that the Poncho Girl had already walked away. She ran outside the door, into the jungle to find herself to be lost, repeatedly. The Poncho Girl was gone…

“Hey! I will come with you. HEY!” she started yelling and looking around but she was alone, once more. The sunlight, too, couldn’t make the dense forest any less creepy. She started to walk aimlessly. And the same feeling started to sink in. She was unaware of her road, she didn’t even know if her destination existed, and yet, she felt heavy when she left the wooden cottage.

She knew that once she walked forward, she would never get to come back again.


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