Looking outside the Window #8

She heard the Poncho Girl murmuring again somewhere. She ran in the direction, following the power of her ears. There she was! Sitting alone, talking to herself again, picking up grasses and throwing them back on the ground.

“Hey! What are you doing here alone? I thought you had two other friends with you”

The Poncho Girl Looked raised her face to look at her.

“Do I know you?” It was the boorish tone again.

She looked startled! “Was this another dream?” she thought to herself.

Struggling with the situation she continued “We… we just met.” she motioned towards the cottage which was at a distance that it looked like a mere wooden toy.

The Poncho Girl strained her eyes at the wooden cottage and then back at her again. “Ouh yeeeaaa! The lost chick!” she smiled as she recollected.

“How can she forget about it so fast? Why is she smiling? Is she some kind of a freak!?” she thought to herself as she stared at the Poncho Girl with amazement.

“Come, come… come with me, You!” The poncho girl yelled as she started walking away again.

She stood there a moment. Confused. Then she rolled her eyes “You need civilization woman!” she said to herself out loud and started following the Poncho Girl’s steps.

It was a while that they were walking in the uncanny forest and the Poncho Girl was humming some tunes, hopping with a few steps like a little girl in a garden, untroubled by the scary surroundings. She lost her patients and asked “Why isn’t the dense creepy forest bothering you?”

The Poncho Girl replied “Because my granny brought me into this beautiful garden” she turned towards her right and said “isn’t it fun granny!?”

She. Was. Baffled! She was positive about the fact now that the Poncho Girl was crazy, but she made her mind digress and continued for further information.

“Why do you talk to yourself?” she asked.

“Who talks to herself?” The Poncho girl didn’t sound any less creepy even when she replied with all the sweetness in the world that she could gather.


“Me!?” she started laughing. “I am never alone! I always have my granny with me. Isn’t it fun granny?” She did the same thing again!

She was now sure that the Poncho Girl was a freak and that was freaking her nerves out too.

She decided to not go with her anymore…


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