Looking outside the Window #9

She stood there as the Poncho girl walked ahead, hopping and singing and talking. It was weird, but it reminded her of her own younger self.

Playing with her older brother in the garden right in front of her house. That seven-year old girl had few of the life lessons from that ordinary garden area.

Her first road crossing by herself, her first thumb fracture while playing with him, her old aged friends who would give her chocolates when they met. She learned to overcome fear with bravery, going through pain and yet forgiving the loved ones, and timeless and ageless joys of life.

She took another look at the Poncho Girl and realized that there was something uncommon about that fearless “chick”. It wasn’t her unusual actions, but it was the bold semblance that she constantly showed even while behaving like a kid.

The Poncho Girl had walked quite far from her and she stopped. Between the long grasses and plenty of trees, she couldn’t figure out why wasn’t the Poncho Girl moving forward. She walked ahead to find that two of her friends were lying on the floor, in the grass.

She ran towards them without a second thought. Both of those girls got up and sat straight up looking at her with a huge invisible question mark on their faces.

“Who the hell are you?”

“I am… with her” she pointed at the Poncho Girl.

“She is with us” they answered Her.

“Who is she?” they asked the Poncho Girl in disgusts.

She felt insulted! She hadn’t begged to be taken along. Why would they be so insolent about anything? She was offended. But she waited the Poncho Girl to answer.

“Who is who?” The Poncho Girl replied

“WHAT. THE .HELL.” she was frustrated with her bizarre behavior now. She continued, “Look, I did not plead to come along! You suggested. I have never seen an inexplicable person like…”

“Woah woah! Calm down” one of the girls said loudly.

She took a deep breath and resumed “She asked me to come along because I am lost”

“Lost!?” Both the girls said with a lot of surprise.

“Ouh yes! Fellas, she is lost and she will be traveling with us now.” The Poncho Girl recollected. She turned to the other two girls and said “Why don’t we ever get lost?”

“Its not a pleasing thing to happen to anyone” She murmured.

“Did you find any food?” one of the girls asked the Poncho Girl.

“Nope, the place was old and empty”

“I guess we should start heading to our car now”

“A CAR!” she jumped with excitement within herself. And they started walking…


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