Looking outside the Window #10

One of those two girls was noticeably Thin and the other had Very Asian Eyes. All three of them looked of the same age. She felt very young amongst them.

Nobody spoke while they were walking. Seemed like everyone was so engrossed in their thoughts. They reached to the car. It was a royal blue colored, 4 seater, Pickup Truck! Objects were lying in the open cargo space like a junk. It was exciting. She never had travelled in that fancy open spaced truck.

Her parents were considerably rich. They kept buying new cars now and then. “But all those cars were just a closed room with four doors.” She thought. The only lovely part of travelling, for her in those luxurious cars, was the Open Window; and the feel of the landscape passing by, outside, like a fast forwarded video through that rectangular bordered space in front of her eyes. They never let her roll the windows down though. They would always use excuses like “It is too polluted, too noisy, too hot outside.” The AC wind would rule over the natural wind outdoor.

“Hop in girl!” the Thin Girl said.

The Asian Eyed Girl was on the driver’s seat, the Think Girl was on the set besides her and the Poncho Girl was sitting on the back seat. She sat next to the Poncho Girl, at the left side of the window.

“Where are we heading to?” she asked.

“Wherever the road takes us.” The Asian Eyed Girl said as she looked back at her and she chuckled with a glance at the other two girls.

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