Looking outside the Window #11

She watched the Poncho Girl leaning on the right side rolled up window, in a sound sleep with her mouth open. It was a very bumpy road and She could barely keep her head balanced. “She is something!” she thought as she stared at the Poncho Girl with amazement of the undisturbed sleep.

The scenery outside the window was spectacular. She was so close to the nature that she could almost feel it! “Is it ok… if I open the window” She asked diffidently. She was so soft that others could have hardly heard her say anything with the old truck heavy engine noises and the rusty metal parts banging into each other so loud. Nobody was talking to anybody. She didn’t want to bother anyone, so she kept quiet. She kept looking outside the window as if she was watching a Nat Geo show on tv, through that rectangular glass frame.

With intervals, she kept placing her hand on the chilled window to feel the drop in temperature outside. This would excite her. Growing up in a constantly humid city, she didn’t know what winters were like. The pictures of the snow falling and children running out with their scarfs, Fur Pom caps and hand gloves, making a snow man in their lawns, was the only idea of winter time. Her books from the West taught her that. She started to imagine herself lying on her back in the snow and moving her arms up and down, and her legs from side to side, making a snow angel. “Because that’s what we do!” she thought with exhilaration.

She couldn’t wait any longer. She HAD to roll down the window and feel milieu of the world which was out there, beyond the glass cage. She assembled all the volume and courage within herself into her throat and finally articulated, “May I open the window?”

The Asian Eyed Girl, from the driver seat, looked behind to finally respond to a human’s voice after a long drive. Meanwhile, with an immense lurch and a loud BANG, the truck stopped.


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