Looking outside the Window #12

The Asian Eyed Girl, from the driver seat, looked behind to finally respond to a human’s voice after a long drive. Meanwhile, with an immense lurch and a loud BANG, the truck stopped! The smoke rose from the front bonnet of the truck like a volcano eruption. And the Poncho Girl woke up. Everything was at halt. The time had stopped for a few seconds. The breeze stopped passing by. The breaths were loud, heavy and so slow they would have almost stopped too. The whole earth was still for a moment for them.

“What on hell happened?” The Poncho Girl asked with her eyes wide open.

The Thin Girl got down to find that the truck had hit a huge rock and the engine was too hot to work for the moment. She shook her head with disappointment at the Asian Eyed Girl and they all knew that they were stuck.

“I can’t take this!” the Asian Eyed girl said as she got off the car and slammed the door behind her. “We need to take a break”

Rest of the two girls got out of the car. They left the truck right there, in the middle of the road and started walking in the forest again. “Can’t we fix it?” She asked.

“Sleepless nights, tired travelling, less food and all the other problems in life to run from. We need to fix our head right now” the Thin Girl replied.

She followed them as they walked back into the dense forest departing from their truck. The Asian Eyed girl took out something from her pocket, wrapped in a tiny plastic piece, a box of cigarette, and a small roll of butter paper. They found a rock and settled there.

Nobody asked questions to anyone, nobody spoke about what was going on. The three girls started to mix things from the packet and the cigarette and rolled up in the butter paper, lit one of its end and started taking puffs and passed it to each other. It was like a communication without words. They knew what they were doing, but they just didn’t want to mention it. Some kind of secret practice to be performed.

The Asian Eyed girl looked at the Lost Girl and offered the freshly made smoke role, with a gesture. She shook her head. And they all started wondering their heads around in the forest. At the end of the fourth puff inhaled by the Poncho Girl, She stood up and started to hop and walk into the forest. The Lost Girl stared at her and recollected the morning scene. “She is going to get lost, don’t let her go like this.” The Lost Girl yelled, but nobody bothered to reply to her.

She inferred the situation of the Poncho Girl. “She is clearly hallucinating, silly girl!” she thought in aversion.

“But, grandma…?” The Poncho Girl screamed.


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