Looking outside the Window #14


She knew it was just the temporary madness that the Poncho Girl got into. She saw her walk away, find a hug rock, lie down and fall asleep. The Poncho Girl had magical sleeping power, she thought, how can you just sleep on a rough, hard, surface like that? She always had her –wider than usual sized- bed and off-white floral quilt, one semi- hard pillow supporting her neck and a soft one just loitering around her at night. Then she realized the fact that she had fallen asleep leaning on the tree. She chuckled. “Well… made from the earth, we go back to being the same, I guess.” – and those philosophies.

The Asian Eyed girl was very quiet, while the Thin Girl was laughing for no apparent reason. It was funny and creepy at the same time. She sat and watched them settle into their own world, away from the woods. They didn’t talk to each other much. She loved the silence too, but this time it was different. “How did all three of you meet?” she said, to break the ice and it withdrew the Asian eyed girl’s dizzy world and heavy eyelids to the current pace.

“College friends.” That’s all she said.

There was no further conversation. Suddenly hazy visuals ran through her mind in fast-forwarded motion with admixture human noises and vocabularies. “College friends trio” was the last phrase that scaled up in her mind. She pressed her lips, pouted and started looking around with awkwardness and a heavy heart.

The sun was almost tilted towards the west in its activity of rolling from the east. The Thin Girl announced that she was hungry. The Asian girl agreed and the Poncho Girl, who was actually fallen asleep quite far, surprisingly heard it and came running. They accommodated themselves in their seats. This time she didn’t ask anything to anyone, she just rolled the window down as the car started.

A melody started playing and some words started synchronizing to it. Songs after songs, tunes after tunes, and it was already twilight. Driving through the mountains with the headlights pointing towards the horizon and guiding the way to reach it, the wind touching her face and passing through her body, she could smell the fresh leaves for the first time. It was like she didn’t need her eyes to judge the beauty of the view anymore; it was a work of all senses uniting and lifts her to a greater space. And the vocals are heard

“Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you”


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