Looking outside the Window #15

Dressed up in a long black skirt with a white shirt tucked in and a red bag with high heels, she sits in a café with her sunglasses deviated smoothly on her head. Orders a cold coffee and looks at the watch, then at the door. She cannot wait to see her college best friend after two years.

She thinks about all that they have been through with each other and by themselves, it would be so different from what it was five years ago, when they were in college and were the most adored group of three best friends. The loud girl, the short hair girl and herself. People came and went in their lives, but nobody could be like them, with them or break them.

She sits there alone, but she isn’t lonely. She is busy with herself, thinking about time she was lost in the forest. It was like an assigned learning time for her. she thinks about the three girls that she had met, who reminded her about her own college friends. That was a whole new life for her, another world altogether. She is sitting in the cafe swiping between these two lives that she has lived and she is living now, in her head.

She can go out by herself and not feel awkward, she can have her meals alone and was not conscious anymore. She liked being with herself. She looks around, the advanced civilization which isn’t unfamiliar, it’s just not home. Since the time she has been back, her heart is wondering and she cannot find it back. Every minute element, even a tree, reminds her of the woods where she feels to have been originated from. Her life in motion is filtered by that-one-chapter.

“I could tell, she was not into you even this time, as much as you were.” The Loud girl’s words regressed her into three years ago again. The Loud girl and the Short hair girl, both have moved to different countries. Nothing major than just the usual growing up that has happened between these three girls to have separated them. They tried a lot after their college years to get active in each others lives as well, but priorities changed.

For her, she was more attached the Short Haired girl. Her likes, dislikes, timings, places, food, topics. The Short Haired girl, on the other hand, was always into her own being, she loved the other two as well, but was very ignorant of that fact. And hence, no matter what she did, the Short Haired never reciprocated. Being an introvert, having countable people around matters a lot. It is more heartbreaking than losing all the lovers in her life. She put the trust, faith, love and care into the purest form just to see it crashing down without even a floor for it.

The Loud girl enters the cafe and they hug like eternities have passed. They sit in the cafe and catch up with the olds and news.

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