Looking Outside the Window: Recap

A young girl finds herself to be lost in the woods in the middle of the night, while she was travelling. The magical journey has begun. At first she is stressed and panicked as this is the first trip away from the family , home and luxurious life.

She encounters help from fireflies which lead her to a small wooden cottage. She meets another human being, The crazy Poncho Girl who introduces her to the other two companions – The Thin Girl and the Asian Eyed Girl. They have got a blue pick-up truck in which they start travelling again. Meanwhile The Lost Girls past is revealed bit by bit and a hint of her future event.

The car breaks down on the way and they decide to smoke up. We finally know the state of Poncho girl’s mind and her undying relationship with her grandmother. They decide to start moving ahead as the car cools down. The Lost Girl’s heart is soothed by the wind, the fresh forest and the songs playing in the car.


Carrying the journey further, the next stop is #16.

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