Looking outside the Window #16

The car stopped and she woke up with a jerk. “Every time!!” words between her teeth, “what a bummer!” It was darker than the sigh before she fell asleep. “Its too late to go further looking for a proper place to eat or rest.” The words flew from the driving seat to everyone’s ears. No lights in the car, no lights on the street. Everyone got out of their seats and with the help of the little light that moon threw at them, they grabbed their bags from the open cargo space.

“We are at a river bank.” the Thin Girl announced as she took a few steps ahead into the unknown territory. She could identify the shiny water flowing but, moreover, it was so mute around that she could hear the water banging into the rocks and making its way.

“We rest here for the night.” the Asian eyed girl ordered.
“And another night in the dingy forest” only now, she considered herself experienced enough. “At least I am with humans tonight.” she thought to herself and yet started missing the lightning bugs. They meant something to her, they had a mysterious charisma.

Every one laid down on the ground with their bags below their heads. Staring straight up into the cluttered starry sky, miles away, She smiled. It as if those tiny lights had come back that night, again, for her. With empty stomachs growling, the thoughts filled their heads. With every blink, as they closed their eyes for even a fraction of a second, and the twinkling sky turned into a blank space, the faces flashed rapidly.

The words ripped the silence into a dishearten tone,
“I can never forgive them!”

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