Looking outside the Window #17

The Thin Girl started unfolding her life with an unpleasant speech. “What would your life be like when the people you look up to have their values so low? What had my Mother possibly done wrong to him?” The Poncho girl tried to steady her, but she was too upset.

“These modern men? They step outside the door and they are 21st century wise men, with French beard and plastic hair worn like a hat. Always surrounded by people, laughing, showering judicious words in an emphatic voice. Critical of the world view, rituals, norms, society, people, religion, caste, government, practices, technology, women, men… but with just one straight perspective. They believe in ‘what we see is what it is’ and yet worships God?” She continued without taking a break.

“They enter the door and their ideas are circumscribed within the four walls but their words and voice don’t. He is the Man of the house now. He is to be served, to be taken care of and to be obeyed. He is concrete in his times, just like his four walled house. What is the difference between the man and the house then?

The house is inflexible, and so is He. Yet, the house is painted once and for all whereas, the Man, he can change colors as he moves from pillar to post.”

The Thin girl had her heart crashed by the ones who were suppose to protect her. She tried so hard but at no time could she justify her father’s unfaithfulness towards her mother. She loved him, just like every daughter would, but at a very young age she learnt that her father was with other women. As she grew up, she started finding reasons for her father’s behavior. Her mother always taught her that there were always ‘two sides of a coin’. she desired the consideration of her father’s side of story as well. But soon enough she discovered a side full of zero ethics and nil values and no morals whatsoever.

She turned to her elder brother, followed by her abusive, disrespecting and disloyal boyfriends, for a stainless room, but their adulterated behavior drove her more into the murky world. She was hit by the train running on the tracks of society driven by unethical humans. It was cleared that she planned this trip to get away from humanity, with the only people she trusted because their lives too had been hit by the same train.

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