Looking outside the Window #18

The Asian Eyed girl stood up in the middle of the conversation and walked away . “What happened to her?” She asked the other two girls, “She had bad experiences with men as well?”

The Poncho girl chuckled. “Her story is different… in the same way.” There was a quiet moment and then the Thin girl started talking again. “That pretty female had a lot of guys loitering around her but she never showed any interest. She was a usual girl. Her parents loved her, she has a younger sister and She was looked upon as the older child in the house. Until one day, a new girl entered the class and she couldn’t help herself falling in love with her. Everything changed. She struggled with the feeling and realization of herself for three years. She was strong enough, though, and decided to call out for help. She told her parents the truth, knowing that they love her so much.”

There was silence again. The Thin Girl took a deep breath and continued, “She was not even allowed to meet her younger sister because her parents thought that this diseases would spread, that she was contagious enough.”

She looked at the Asian Eyed girl, and even while walking in the dark, she could discern her shining aura. Even in a dull, sad night, she had her back straight and her chin up. It seemed like she had just clicked her fingers and turned the burden of the world into beautiful feathers and she would blow them now and then, to make them reach their destinations. As if she had climbed eroding mountains and standing on the strongest one now.

Her hands in her pocket while she walked around, The Asian Eyed girl was the only one She knew, who had nobody to look up to and yet her eyes never rolled down on to the ground. She held respect within herself because of the lack of respect outside, and she stood there, between the wild woods with immense strength. For a blink her vertically structured aura, hazily turned into a horizontal one. She rubbed her eyes again, but it was too far, too dark and too hazy for her to sight it.

She could feel it. Probably, she was the only one who could feel it at that time. This feeling was content at the moment for her, she lay down on the ground again and looked at the stars, imagining the Asian Eyed Girl’s life. She suddenly recognized a similar horizontal figure in the structure of the stars. As if the stars had moved together into a story, like the fireflies did.

“A Lioness!” she closed her eyes.

And the vocals heard

“Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer’s day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul”

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