Looking outside the Window #19

The sunlight landed on the surface of the irregular flowing water and reflected on her face. She gradually opens her eyes straight to the bluest of skies she had ever seen. She pulled herself from the ground and looked around. The sun made everything look so vibrant. The grass was fresher, the trees were greener, the sky was clearer and the river was playful.

She stretched a little and walked towards the frisky water. She dipped her fingers into the cold water, collected some water in her palms and drank it. The water flowed into her body like a Tsunami and satisfied her soul trough her throat. The view was surreal. Grass, river, irregular bunch of trees and a huge mountain in the background

She claimed a rock nearest to the river and farthest of all, from the land. She lied down on the huge rock with her head backwards and saw the world upside down. She opened her arms so wide that the water shook her hand and flowed further. Now she was living on the clouds and the mountains were just a part of the sky while she float on water. “It’s a dream”, she smiles.

She saw the waves pushing one another, mounting up the huge rock as if they knew her, they were calling her, wanting to touch every part of her body. Sound of the gushing waterway was like music. Inhaling fresh air, she got up abruptly out of her zone. It was as silent as if she was alone. But was she? Where were the other three females?

Her eyes widened in search of them. She dramatically ran here and there, but it was mostly a plain land, she could’ve spotted them, or their bags, or the car!? She shortly ran out of breath and her mind went numb. BLANK! It only happened in creepy ghost movies that people disappear. She did not even realize it.

“Did they leave me and go? Were they attacked by a wild animal? Were they even real?” She lost herself on the weighing scale with reality on one hand and imagination on the other…

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