Looking outside the Window #21

It only happened in creepy ghost movies that people disappear. She did not even realize it. “Did they leave me and go? Were they attacked by a wild animal? Were they even real?” She lost herself on the weighing scale of reality on one hand and imagination on the other.

She started panicking so much that at a point she thought she was going crazy and then the words sang by one of her favorite singers starts plying in her mind:

“I found myself in Wonderland, get back on my feet again
Is this real? Is it pretend?
I’ll take a stand until the end
I’ll get by, I’ll survive.”

She decided to continue further all by herself. May be she will find those girls again on the way, may be some other people, or “May be I will keep walking for months and finally settle here.” the thought made her smile.

She carried on her journey on foot that morning erratically, between the valleys with no cell phones and nil civilization. There was nothing between her and the green, brown, white, blue colors, anymore. The cold winds passed right through her sweat shirt, freeze-ed her skin and touched her soul. It was yet so warm that it melted her heart.

It was almost noon, the sun was directed at ninety degrees to her head and yet everything was so pleasant. She was at a place in her life that the harsh heat from the sun wasn’t able to reach her, and even if it did, all it could do was give her some warmth. She kept following the invisible path and exploring the surroundings.

She was so absorbed by the nature that she did not realize that her body was desiccate. Soon enough she was panting, so she decided to take a break and sat on a rock that she found on the way. Even when she was tired, she was enjoying the peace, the climate and the scenery. Sitting in the middle of nowhere, she inhaled a really long breath, as if she can gather all these mountains and the wind and the river in one go and settle it inside her.

She passed the landscape and was now moving through the woods again. Her wondering eyes got fixed on something. On looking carefully, she realized that it was two people lying on the ground,


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