Looking outside the Window #22

They were lying on the fertile ground as newly born humans. Careless, bare-skinned, looking up to the sky, besides each other, holding hands. One of them quickly turned their head. “What¬† is it honey?”

“Don’t you hear that?”


“Shh sh!”

“You’re crazy, there’s no chance of anyone being here. You are just anxious because we are out in the open, free, lying like this.”

“Whoever it is… Stay there!!” He yelled.

The cracking noise of the leaves on the floor stopped.

He held her hand, got up instantly. They did not even bother to see what and who it was. He pulled her up and hid behind a tree.

She waited there for a while  and then started walking again with intense curiosity. When she reached near the tree, she saw both of them standing, and this time, they were dressed.

She looked at them, they looked at her and the awkward silence remained for a while.

“Hi” the lady said. It was an old couple. The lady had long grey hair and the man was bald. They both had a very slim physique. A pair of glasses on his wrinkles eyes and a pretty blue floral dress on her wrinkled body. She was a little cheerful, but the man… the man was…not that cheerful.

She smiled. “Sorry for that sight, my dear. We thought we were alone. Are there more people expected this way?” She continued very politely while the man kept looking at her.

“No, Ma’am”

“Oh good lord! What are you doing alone out here, my child?”

“I am finding my way out. I am sorry to have interrupted.” She looked at the man as he hadn’t uttered a word yet.

“Ohh, no… No problem…” He hesitated and then continued murmuring “It was a bad idea anyway.”

The Old lady looked at the man and made some eye expression. “You said, you are finding a way?… to what?”

“To home, I met a few people on the way, but they disappeared, I am just moving ahead to find some food and shelter”

“All by yourself? in the jungle? …. We’ve got food, but it’s at our shelter, you should come with us. Right honey?” She looked at the man and made those eye-expressions yet again. “But it is too far.” the man said, to which the Lost girl replied hurriedly, sensing the discomfort in the man’s voice “It’s alright, actually. I am sure I will find something ahead.” She smiled awkward.

“No, there isn’t anything, we’ve come from far and we couldn’t find anything.” The lady insisted this time. “Let us take you, please.”

She looked like a pleasant lady, so she couldn’t refuse her.

They started walking hand in hand again, and the Lost girl now followed them.

The sky was changing its attitude as they walked across the woods. The temperature started to fall dramatically, as if the gravity was acting upon it. Clouds gathered and covered the clear blue sky. She had noticed that the weather had been fluctuating, like her life.

They passed the forest which lead to the valley. She looked up and around as they advanced. The mountains were too big for her vision to capture in one frame. The valley had yet produced greenery, but the mountains… the mountains were just barren, giant rocks! She was intimidated as she turned her head, left and right and all the way up, looking at them.

“So tell us something about yourself dear.” she regressed as the Old lady’s word hit her ears.

She drifted her attention towards the lady and lost balance…

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