Looking outside the Window #26

She was so much focused on eating that she did not find it unusual that they had raw food with them, in that small room, where there was no stove or any sort of facility to cook. It was just a room that would protect them from the freezing wind or the burning sun.

She could’ve asked about their presence at that place but instead her brain wanted to know if they had kids. They seem quiet loving and their behavior was very warm towards the young girl.

She did not notice, but a sad vibe spread across the warm room.

“No.” the old man replied to her question. She could sense hesitance and anger in his voice. She stopped eating for a while and looked at him. He wasn’t making any eye contact.

“I do.” the old lady spoke with a brittle voice.

She was confused. She thought the old lady and the man were together, may be married. Something about this conversation did not seem right to her.

“I am sorry if I crossed the line, it’s just, you have a very warm aura, and I just thought, your kids would be lucky…”

“That’s very kind of you dear. I do have two lovely children. A boy and a girl.”

“Oh! that’s lovely, where are they now?”

“With their father” Her voice broke, she took a deep breath. She looked at the old man with so much of love in her eyes again, and continued “I met him two years ago at a my own house warming party. My family and I had just moved to another city and he was the first friend my husband made, in that new place.
He visited us quiet often as he lived alone, and would spend a lot of time with my kids. They loved him as well.

I have been an introvert all my life, or at least that’s what I thought I was until I met him. I was a house wife, with an average family life. I won’t say I was never happy, I just… opened up to him better.”

They both smiled at each other. “So you fell in love again? with him.” The story was getting interesting for her.

She took a deep breath and with a lot of blush on her face “He just made me feel like I was a book. He would read, just so easily, when he was around. I could talk to him, about anything! And I mean… anything!”

She was enjoying the whole story, and she smiled. To which the old lady replied “I know I am too old for this, but my husband never made me feel that way. He was a business man and my neighbor. My father adored him, and he adored me. So he came and asked my father to marry me. I was not so much fond of him, but I trusted my father. My husband always loved me a lot and of course, gave me two amazing kids. But… He was older, I never had those small moments of young love, feeling so special about things…”

“So you’re husband was not a bad person, then how did you two?”

It was time for the old man to speak up, it seemed. “I never wanted to get married. I was always the bachelor kind. But when I met her, I saw a happy family and realized what I was missing. My intentions never were to have her, but I loved spending time with the kids. Eventually, I started spending time with her along with the kids and I realized that she wasn’t who she appeared to be. I felt like a part of their family, like it was my own family! She would always be submissive in the house, but there were incidents when she would open up and do silly things which one would not expect from a mature woman with responsibilities of an entire family. It showed the liveliness in her which was somehow compressed. I fell deep into her gradually and one day I realized, I was way out of my line.”

“I relive all my young days with him. The moment I realized that we both were out of our lines, we backed out. But my life went missing as soon as he left. Back to being a responsible mom and an old wife! I started missing my own voice because I spoke to him so…so…much! And I finally realized that I couldn’t do that to myself.”

“She called me up to meet me in the park, I remember that day, it runs in my mind like a movie.”

“Yes, and I argued my life with him and we decided to see each other… secretly.”

But this story wasn’t right in her head. A perfect husband, good family, nice house. Everything that a woman would expect her life should have. “Did. you. cheat…?” her speech had a descending tone.

“Kids were in school, my husband was at work and he had come over. That was the first time that we decided to take our relationship to the next level. We decided to make love to each other. We drank wine, I held his hand and took him to our bed room. He sat close to me. I could feel the excitement of a teenager, rushing through my veins at this age! He touched my lips with his and it felt like my heart blew open with my fantasies that I had always treasured. Like I was going to live my life all over again!”

“Ahem!” interrupted all the flowing emotions of the old lady.

“Well, so…unaware of everything, my husband saw us together. I won’t blame him for not letting me meet my kids after that. Or my children hating me so much. I broke their trust, after all. I did cheat on my husband. I could not be a perfect house wife or an ideal mother, (which I was before I met him, though) but I found a life worth living! I was cursed thrice as much because you know. Men could do such things but a woman…how can she overlook her morals?!
Although, my father, my husband nor him, are anything like what ‘All men’ are suppose to be.”

“But when you find love, you find yourself.” He said it with steadiness in his voice. “I never had plans of settling down, until I met her. She was my destiny. And now what she is, and what I am, are completely different people from what we thought we were. I have gained stability in my life, and she…” His face lit up with a very sly smile looking at her…

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