Looking outside the Window #27

They were walking on the footpath while nobody spoke to anyone, and he broke the not-so-awkward silence, “Are we going the right direction?” She looked at him with raised eyebrows and pressed her lips. They stared each other and cracked into laughter.

“So…It’s interesting, you have got lost before. Isn’t this like a Déjà Vu for you?” It had turned out to be a very nice playful evening for her. But that wasn’t a Déjà Vu, what was similar was the theme of this story. They had just met a few hours ago and they mocked each other as if they knew each other since a past few lives!


She was sitting there all by herself, sipping on her orange juice, looking at the pink buildings drawn on the walls. He, on the other hand, was apprehensively sitting on a table right in front of her, waiting for someone. She altered her vision, with intervals, to the waiters moving around, the people entering the cafe, the couples holding hands under the table and back to the interiors of the place.

With her moving vision, her eyes met the anxious man who was impatiently cracking his fingers. As soon as they caught each other looking, they instantly looked away. This action happened for a couple of times. He looked so uneasy that she finally decided to give him a smile.

“Are you also waiting for someone?” He asked

She shook her head.

He looked at her with a surprise.

“So…you are just sitting by yourself? by choice?”

She nodded.

“Do you mind if I accompany you till my friend comes?”


“I am sorry to bother you, I have never been by myself to a social place. And to add to my misery, I’ve never been on a blind date ever before!”

“A blind date?”

“Yea…I met her online. Have been talking to her for a couple of weeks, now we finally decide to meet”

They started their conversation as if they were the ones meeting online and have been talking to each other for those couple of weeks.

“So…alone? Why?”

“I like it, at times. Being by myself.”

“Interesting! Do you do this on a regular basis?”

“Not just cafe, I go to the movies, I treat myself with meals, shopping. I am actually fun to be (myself) with” She laughed!

“But man is a social animal…”

“And which is why this man is talking to you at this point. It isn’t like I go out by myself because I don’t have anyone to go with. It is my choice…just like right now, I alter my choice and accompany you till your “blind friend” arrives, and then I go back to being the fun me with myself” as much surprise as he was, they laughed again!

There was so much positivity and cheerfulness moving back and forth between both of them that they continued chattering. They did not even realize that two hours had passed by. She had finished her juice and coffee together. This was not one of those “Hi, how are you? what do you do?” conversations. It was a conversation about silly college days and weird future fantasies and comfortable silences.

There were moments when they looked directly into each other’s eyes and talked and laughed and conveyed so many things without words. The arguments on soul mates, and her beliefs of energies around, guiding the lives and his disbelief on the dramatic spiritual matters. Before she realized the actual time, she had already briefed him about her tour in the woods.

Even after expressing most of their lives to one another in just the matter of 120 minutes , one described themselves as “Shy” and the other one was an “Introvert”. Who would have guessed that they had just met!?

She looked at her watch, “Weren’t you suppose to be on a date by now?”

He looked at the door, looked back at her and replied “Well…I guess I am.”

She blushed a little. “There’s a very nice cheesecake store nearby, one of my favorites. You want to try?”

“I would love to…”


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