Looking outside the Window #28

“So is this your honeymoon here?”

“You can call it that”

“But why here, in this jungle? There are so many amazing places to visit around the world?”

“After everything that we faced around humans, we decided to stay away from them. Here, we make our own lives, raw..” glanced at the food “but it’s our own. We live free. All our needs are met here, we have food, shelter, clothing, and each other till we die! Every morning we wake up next to each other. No cellphones, no clocks, no kitchen, no computers, nothing in this room that would distract us from one another. As discomforting as it looks and sounds to a young blood like you, my heart is wherever he is. I have my soul mate and my life partner beside me!”

“So you are never going back?”

“Back to which place? We have built our lives here. We don’t need to make money, we live a retired life. Peaceful, healthy. And look at us, honestly speaking, you think we are going to live so much now?” She held her breath, didn’t know how to respond to that. The old lady started laughing.

“But you are young, you have a whole life ahead of you…” Her eyes light up as if something exciting was about to happen,
“Take my advice, set a plot of your story, don’t write the whole story in the beginning itself. Let the events unfold while you free the pen to flow and create a tale. Witness your own book and get involved in every twist and turns it has to offer. Live the drama!”

Goosebumps rose over her skin while the old lady spoke with such intensity. She could feel like a movie running in her head already.

“It’s late now, time to sleep!” the old man announced!

“You don’t have a watch around, how do you know it’s time?” she asked curiously

“Ages ago, people didn’t have watch. They use to sleep, eat, wake up, work, right on time. You sleep whenever it gets dark and you feel tired.”

After a really long and eventful day, it was time for some physical and mental rest. The room was dark and silent enough to rest the brain through the black vision, as good as closed eyes.

“Wait! let me just inform you our daily routine before we sleep” the old lady said it out loud.

“They already have a routine!” She was surprised.

“We both wake up with the sun rise and start our days with food hunt, so either you can join us, or wake up by yourself. But even before that, you saw the lake that we crossed? we go take a bath there. We eat, we try to explore this place. And that’s how our day is spent!” She said happily. the old lady was just so excited to explain her not-so-productive days.

“Alright!” she was fascinated. She had never lived a life with the purpose of just living. There always thing to do and goals to achieve and future to worry about. This life sounded so… ordinary! They lay down in silence while she heard her own thoughts.

“Are you awake?” she asked softly in the pitch dark room.

“Yes” she got a response.”What’s the matter? Ain’t you tired?”

“I was wondering, why did you mention “Life partner” and “Soul mate” ?”

“Because he is both! That makes him everything”

“But isn’t it both the same?” She thought the old lady was just dramatizing about her love life.

“Oh No, dear! Life partner is someone you spend your life with. A soul mate is someone your souls connects to.”

This was confusing “But you only make your life partner to those who are your soul mates!”

“Not necessarily, soul mate can be anyone, you parents, friends, your pets. Just anyone! When you feel satisfied and confident inside out around someone. Whom you see them and you feel like you are looking at the mirror, not another skin, but the inner soul reflects. Yours and theirs energy is attracted like the magnets. You understand each other more than you understand yourself… That’s what a soul mate is.

I had read it somewhere when I was young…

There were two souls in this universe. (And I forgot the reason)” She murmured and continued, “They broke into two, and further two and millions such broken souls sailed in the universe. Sometimes, you meet a soul which was a part of yours earlier, and you feel the attachment more than you would for anyone else. Only lucky once get their soul mates as their life partners…” The voice of the old lady was distant, and she realized that was looking at the sleeping old man, while she spoke.

So many ideologies run through her mind while she lay in that room. She could hear the old lady’s voice over and over again

“Let the events unfold…only lucky ones, story, life partner, soul mates, live the drama!!!” And she closed her eyes…

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