Looking outside the Window #29

Sun rays were dropping straight on her head, also bashing the ground and bouncing up the floor in the form of heat. She was walking under the harsh sky. Exhausted and frustrated, her body was so high-tempered with so little energy that her skin went numb. She continued walking with her head down, keeping herself from fainting.

She looked ahead and saw a tiny object moving towards her. It was so bright that her vision was hazy. But as the object came nearer she realized it was a dog running towards her. Her pupil expanded, she didn’t know where to run to, she looked to her left, she looked to her right, there was no way to go! Her throat, which was already dry, started choking. No water inside the body yet sweat rolled down her forehead. She sat down on her knees and closed her eyes. She didn’t know much about the spices of this animal, but it was a white dog, with tiny hair all over its body. It looked very familiar.

Her curiosity forced her to open her eyes to see how far the dog had come. But when she opened her eyes, she had reached somewhere else. A blurry picture. A little girl. Family. Entering a gate. Puppies. A dog. The girl crying loudly. She saw the dog’s face. The next thing she knew, that dog was standing right there, in front of her.

One minute her heart beating the fastest and loudest and the other, it skipped a beat to find the dog standing right in front of her.

She jumped up with a scream.

“No…Please don’t be afraid, I am not here to hurt you”

She blinked and she rubbed her eyes, and then…she didn’t blink for a while at all! The dog had a female voice.

“How….do…are you talking??”

“Yes, I am given the power of speech to communicate with you, but I have very limited words”

“What…? why?? Who…are you?”

“You don’t remember me?”

Shocked! She did not respond at all.

“I am the one who bit you when you were five-year old. At your aunt’s place.”


“This is weird, I have only limited words and till I am talking sense. You are the one who has the legitimate authority of indefinite words and yet your responses don’t make sense to me”

She continued her staring. It was impossible for her to understand what was going on.

“I am here to apologies for my behavior back then. I thought you were one of those kids who were troubling my babies. I was just trying to protect them. These kids use to hit us with stones and take my kids away from me. I lost a few of them in all the hassle. I did not mean to harm you. I hope you understand and forgive me.”

There was a lot of sadness in the her eyes while she spoke to the girl. The girl sat down on her knees again and looked at her. She stretched her hand to touch the forehead of the dog, and as soon as she did, the dog came near the girl and kept her head in her lap and snuggled. The girl felt the warmth and the love of the dog and she realized that, even though humans were the reason of the dog’s sadness, she came all the way to apologize to her and loves her without any condition or fear. Whereas, a single dog hurt her in her childhood and she was never ready to even look at a dog after that.

“Who sent you to me? Who gave you the power to speak?”

The dog got up, took her hand in her mouth and started pulling her.


The place started changing its appearance as they walked. The hot, extremely bright place was gradually turning into a pleasant, colorful one. Not the colors of trees or flowers. Just random colors, in the air and on the ground. No specific path to walk on, no object around to look at, but the ground splashed into a new red, magenta, or blue.

They walked until a huge gate appeared. Within the gates there were two human-like-shaped objects standing, facing each other. As the gates opened, two females, translucent bodies with hazy outlines, barely standing on the ground, turned towards the girl and the dog.

“Welcome” They greeted her with a smile. Although they did not have a defined body, one had long perfect hair and the other got dimples so deep that it was very noticeable while she smiled.

“Who are you?”

“Who do you think we are?”

“My inner voice??”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because you look like supernatural things”

“We are souls, we are a part of each other’s now…”

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