Looking outside the Window #32

Her eyes opened in that silent room as the sunlight crossed the small window, entered and fell on the other side of one of the four walls. She couldn’t understand where she was. Was it a familiar place? Was she deaf? Could she speak? Was she even alive?

As she got up she started to recognize the place. Although it was a miniature room with a miniature window, It was notably bright to know that it was a fresh new day. She was alone, again! She freaked out!

“Where did they go? Did they leave me like those three girls as well? Why is this happening to me?” and  lot more ran through her mind. She got up, went outside to look. She obviously had a better view from the hill, but she didn’t see anyone. She went around the place a little. Yet, nothing!

“We both wake up with the sun rise and start our days with food hunt, so either you can join us, or wake up by yourself.” The old lady’s voice processed in her head. She went and sat inside the room again.

She had just woken up, she had to go through her daily process, freshening up, feeding herself; a chain that had been broken. So she decided to take a walk, freshen up a little, fill herself with some fresh air, and then wait for the couple to come back and have some nice, raw, healthy, breakfast.

She started walking down the hill. “I won’t go too far” she settled the thought. As she started walking down further, she could recognize a few things, she had seen them before, but never noticed them. The fresh grass, the blooming, colorful flowers, the moist ground, and the air so fresh as if it had just been born and let free to flow around.

She was walking down on the path she had climbed up on, previously. She saw a pattern of purple flowers on the muddy land. “How did I fail to notice these little once?” She smiled to herself. She stopped and sat on the down half way to feel the petals on her skin. She laid her hand on one and rubbed it gently between her fingers. “Velvety!” It was too silky and delicate for a regular, rough, human skin. She wanted to pluck all of them and carry around. The vision of them being around her all the time gave her immense joy! But how could she pluck them and take away their pure and original life. A life so clean amidst the mud.

She smoothly passed her hand on a few of those purple flowers and then got up to walk ahead. As she stood up, she saw those touched patch of flowers bloom a little more. This was unusual. She sat down and repeated the process on another patch, in a few seconds, they started blooming further as well! She had heard of the plants which were sensitive enough to close themselves when touched. But these were friendly?

It was too strange and too ecstatic, the moment! She adjust her bottom on the ground and started pushing her body downwards, sliding her body on the muddy land and her hand on the flowers. When she finally reached down, with her hand and cloths dirty, she regardless of anything, looked upwards at the hill and saw the pattern blooming up on the side of her path. The combination of those bloomed and yet to bloom purple flowers felt like heaven. At least that was what the picture of heaven was for her.

Hence, she fixed her plan to follow the purple flowers and try to bloom as many as she could. She forgot about everything! Who she was, where she was, what was she doing, what was her life all about, where had she come from? The only purpose for her being, for now, was to follow the path of heaven. As if the flowers had agreed to guide her to the actual heaven.

She started running and hopping, her arms wide open, stuffing her body with sheer oxygen, producing and releasing serotonin in her body, reaching every corner of her being. She ran! She ran as far she could. She ran until she ran out of her breath. Yet she could see the horizon meeting the land of the purple flowers, even in the dense forest. She hugged a tree and gathered herself together. She couldn’t recall when was the last time that she had made her body go through so much of physical and mental work. “Such unhealthy life it was” She thought. Her smile, yet, did not fade away.

Even though the amount of O2 was not less in the space, she had to stop and required more of it. As she took a break and sat leaning the tree, facing the magically colored fertile land ahead of her, she could not calculate the distance. “How far am I going to keep running? This is a magical place, yet my existence is in a real-time and space.” She doubted. Here, she was happy and hopping like a kangaroo and; There, she was unsure about everything.

She stood up, looked in the direction from which she had begun, and turned her head to the one which she was aiming for. She had come far away from the hill and the old couple. She could not trace the way back, the flowers suddenly started looking scattered on the previous route.

She was lost again.

Her euphoria hit the bottom of the ground and the lost life started to sink in again. She loved the space she was in, though, but she had to find something!

She stood there for a while and started walking in the direction, aiming the horizon…

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