Looking outside the Window #33

Dirty cloths, muddy hands, messy hair. She walked between the blooming flowers. The long strict tress, only allowed a few rays to pass between them, to make enough light for a day time vision. On whatever they reached, the rays made it shine, with the help of the dew drops. The flowers, the leaves, the little stones around. Noticing everything around her, she took her time to walk.

It all looked like diamonds. “Delusional Diamonds for the poor eyes” She smirked. ┬áIt was confusing for herself, about her own thoughts. She was directionless, but that made her happy as well.

“What am I to do going back anyway?” She started thinking. “I don’t have anything to lose. At least, not at this point. I don’t have a job there, I don’t have a partner. I don’t even have a say. Hmmmm”

“So did you notice something?” A voice was heard.

“What would that be?”

“You make your own decisions here! Either you go here, or there, you do it by yourself.”

“Hah! I never thought of it like that!”

“I am so proud of you”

“Thank you! I wish people were here to see me like this.”

“I think you are growing up faster here, you should just stay and not think about returning”

“That is true, but what life do I have here?”

“That is the point, you make your own definition of life here. Who is to tell you what you do is not correct, or not excepted of you. Didn’t you see that old couple? They were so happy. They made their lives here. And who knows, one day, while you are still here, your paths might just cross again.”

“That is definitely tempting”

“Or probably you will find that cottage again, and live there”

“Oh yes! that looked like a decent shelter as well, now that I think about it”

While walking and convincing herself, she saw a moving object, shining, between the trees, under the sun light. It swayed with the wind and synced with the swinging trees. The sun rays fell on it like a spotlight on the stage. A silhouette. It was shining afar, so bright that it occupied her mind and stopped her from self talking.

She just stood there for a while. It looked like a human figure. Hand moving side to side, legs going back and forth and head rolling 360 degree. As she moved close she could see the bare skin on the upper half. Sweat reflected the light and sparkled the skin.

He danced facing the sun, as if performing for it, in such tranquility. He had a lean body, yet powerful built. Tall, broad shoulders, muscular arms, fair complexion. As he danced bare skinned, the diamonds roll down his body.

She got close to him and stamped on the dried leaves fallen on the floor, to grab his attention. He did not notice.

He was so much involved within himself that he did not realize that something was happening around him. She was hesitant to interrupt him, hence she decided to sit down around him, and watch him move.

He waved his hand around as if he was playing with the wind. His muscular body, which looked so tough, was moving so gracefully without any music. She was simply fascinated. He gathered all the energy in his figure tips and released it in the air, as he moved. His heavy body seemed to be floating effortlessly in the atmosphere.

He turned around and her heart beats increased. She stood up immediately. She didn’t want to look stupid, just sitting and staring at a stranger. But as he relocated his body towards her, she saw that his eyes were closed. She got a tingling feeling. She was relived.

Beard on his face and curly hair. Well defined curved on his body, crunched and released as he danced.

She sat down again to see him perform. This time, for her…

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