Looking outside the Window #34

Her eye balls moved with his movements. Tilted head, hugging her knees tight, she enjoyed the exclusive show. He turned in three sixty degrees while dancing. He lifted his right leg and spun, balancing on the left foot, so comfortably, as if he was in galaxy with zero gravity affecting his rotations.

He landed one both his feet, facing the sun again, while she sat there, staring at him.

“Hey!” Someone yelled from the back.

The dancing man stopped and turned and spotted the girl. While she froze! Trying hard not to look stupid, also trying to figure out who yelled, but she was trapped in  his eyes, her body turned concrete.

“Who are you? and what are you doing here!?” She was shocked to hear an arrogant accent. She turned and saw another man walking towards her. White V-neck t-shirt, skinny jeans, a very thin, young boy. Clean shaved face, silky hair blowing with the wind.

She was speechless. Just figuring out the situation.

The dancing man looked at her with a surprise. “Don’t mind him. That’s how he has learnt to talk.” With a heavy voice which base(d) into her years like a heavy music beat, and settled in her heart, released butterflies in her body. His tone so pleasant and warm. The tender look on his face and green eyes shining under the sun. She was lost and found, and lost again.

“I am sorry, I did not mean to interrupt.” She said to the thing man as he walked towards them.

“Actually, you did not. I was into my zone until he started yelling” More of those clear words, and she would have melted right there.

“That’s just kind of you.”

“Who are you anyway?” the thin man asked.

And she started ranting about how she was lost and met people and got lost again. And kept meeting people and kept getting lost. They laughed about it.

“Well, I guess, you can mark us on your list now.” He said with a smile. She could not stop smiling back. Her innocent face made it so loud and obvious her admiration for the man.

“What do you mean?”

“I shall explain that later. We should get going, we need to reach somewhere before dawn.” And they started walking.

She stood there. “That’s it? That was rude. They did not even ask me to come along.” Brokenhearted. As, by now, like a normal girl, she had already thought of ways to impressing the dancing man.

“Hey!” That heavy voice again. “Why are you still standing there?”

She smiled as bright as she could, and ran towards them, discovering that a royal blue colored, 4 seater, Pickup Truck!

Same cargo space, same doors, same color, same rust!
“PROBABLY THE SAME CAR!” She was aghast

“Déjà vu?”

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