Looking outside the Window #35

As frighten as she was, she sat in the car. At the same spot, back seat, window side. She was freaking out, but she couldn’t utter a word. Both the men sitting in the front. The skinny guy on the driver seat and the dancing man besides him.

They crossed the woods, the landscape, and now were driving up the mountains. A perfectly good sunny and bright day was changing into a gloomy and cold again. As they started moving close to the peak, the fog gathered around the car. So dense that the long distance visibility was nill. It scared them, but was adventurous at the same time.

She was so lost in the thoughts that she didn’t realize the amount of hours that passed to get to the peak of the mountain. “Look at this! This is crazy!” The skinny guy yelled as they passed though the perilous, narrow mountain road with a fog so thick, it almost seemed impenetrable.

“Open the window, let it in!” His excitement still continued.

They rolled down the window and the cloud filled the car as well. “Hmmm, moist and heavy!” He continued to talk. “Isn’t this breath-taking!?”

“Literally” she replied, horrified and mesmerized with the feel of it. They were at a height where breathing was not as natural process as it usually was.

She had rolled down the window again, and had let freedom enter her lungs even when oxygen wasn’t able to make it easily. Yet again, it was freezing outside and warm inside.

She looked outside the window…

Amidst all the fog, she could see tiny, green lands. She could see the other mountains raising above the clouds. She could sense the microscopic river running through the valley. She could imagine the wind dancing with the leaves. She could feel the muscles of her face curving into a smile.

A smile of looking outside the window and actually experiencing it, all over again. A recurring present that she always pictured of. It took her to a higher being, the realization that she was way above everything now. Her body and her soul.

“Can you imagine, we are actually on (or) in a cloud!?” That heavy voice accompanied the entire space she was in.

“Sounds like a fairytale” the thin guy responded sarcastically.

She shifted her attention towards them, but the cloud was so dense that they were not very clearly visible. The space inside the truck was a little more than the usual. She freaked out again. The old, forgotten, spooky, thoughts started running on the track.

“I need to get off!” she thought. “But it’s impossible to go anywhere. Why have I been getting into such situation?” The last words were spilled out loud.

“What situations?” The dancing man asked.

“What situations?”

“You said something”

She did not find it right enough to respond.

“Are you doing ok?”

“Ye…yes… Do you feel heavy in your lungs with all the fog as well?”

“Yea, we do, what do you think, we are ghosts?” The skinny guy only spoke sarcasm it seemed to her.

“Yes?” She tried not to sound audible with all the doubts in her head.

The car stopped with a jerk. They both turned around towards her.

“What did you just say?”

She collected all the scattered courage in the universe, into her chest, and explained. “I know this car does not belong to you. I have traveled in this very car with the other three girls that I met before. And they disappeared. Nothing has been going logical according to my head. I feel like I am in some wonderland, I do not know if I am ever going home again! I do not even know if I am alive at this moment. Look around us, we are on a mountain, in a cloud? Is that even real? Did I just walk into my closet and landed in this car? It keeps coming back to me, like You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!?” She mocked the situation by singing with a gravelly voice. She took a long, deep breath and let out everything that she was thinking about even since she spotted the pickup truck.

“Oh! Girl’s? That explains a bag with stuff in here.” The thin guy replied.

She was surprised that her monologue was completely ignored to something so irrelevant. She sat there with a black look on her face. The dancing man recognized the unpleasantness on her side and quickly replied “We stole it”

“Yes, there you go! We should’ve stuck to the ghost story, it was less ethically correct, or whatever” The thin guy turned with disappointment.

“Stole it?” She asked to confirm

“Yes, We stole it. We have been walking around, to get to a particular place. This is the first time in history that our minds slipped all the morals that we had treasured. I guess, this place is strange. Makes you do strange things.

We were walking, and we came across this truck. We walked towards it meaning to find someone to ask for a lift. But the truck was left unattended there. There was nothing (and) no one inside it except for the attached keys and a bag. We looked around, but could not find anyone. We even waited till noon, but nobody returned. So, we decided to take it for ourselves.”

“Yes! so honest!” Sarcasm flew in the air, and all thanks to the thin guy.

“What’s in the bag?”

“Cloths, comb, and some interesting stuff.”

“Yes! why don’t you tell her all the secrets of life, buddy!”

“What is wrong with you? Why do you hate me?” She asked with the frustration she had been building up towards him.

“Don’t mind him.” the deep voice calmed her down.

“I guess I could use some cloths.”

“So you are a thief as well now, welcome to the club!” Although the thin guy’s words were not welcoming at all.

She took a deep breath and ignored him. “Where are you heading to?”

“To the Dead City…”

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