The melting iceberg


It is dark,
a tiny white light of my phone screen brightening the room.

“I am scared.”
I say

“It does sound scary.”
He replies

No silly, here’s when you say
“Don’t worry babe, I have you and you have me. We’ll get through it”

And he repeats after me,
Repeats the same words like a robot.
And my sister asks,
“What’s up with you two?”

“He is still a baby”
I explain her.

“Still a baby, learning to walk
Learning to talk
He cannot talk
He told me!”

So I hold his hand and put words in his mouth;
And I tell him how much I love him
To assure him that I will stay.

Probably he is assured enough to know I am never leaving,

So he continues to sit there
With ice in his mouth
Pretending to try, and talk
But the melting ice keeps dissolving his words in his mouth,
And I feel like he is at least trying
Maybe I don’t understand it
But I can see him trying!

Swallow one ice,
And another one after that,
And keeps swallowing,




His mouth or his heart?

And I hug him
To keep him warm,
But I melt in his arms
Like the iceberg.

But I wasn’t the ice,
I was never meant to be the ice!

I was always the fire…

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