This place,
I was here before.

I had seen those white lights passing by the roads,
And I had seen the water smashing on the rocks.

I had seen it all
But I didn’t see you beside me no more.

I was familiar with the melodies around here.

Young giggles of the lovers,
To the silent harmony between the elders.

And I heard myself,

Loud and clear,
Of all the things which were left unsaid when you refused to hear
And left them to reside with me
while you built a new home oversea

I heard it all this time,
But I never heard you meanwhile.

This place,
I knew I was here before.

I felt the cold wind on my sweaty palm
And placed it on my running heart to make it calm
And soon I felt even more alarmed

Because it was not just my heart,

It was not just this silly, fragile, heart. It was my head;
And this was not just a place in the world
It was a position where I stood again.

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