Becoming Him.

Another day.

7.30 a.m.

Birds chirping on the tree outside her balcony, the sun peeping into her room, the noise of the daily chores, and she, gradually crawling out of her dreams and opening her eyes into the brightness of the real world.

She gets out of bed and enters her routine.

On her left, one of them dusting the room, she moves into the kitchen and finds another near the gas stove; she comes out of the kitchen and on her right, the other stitching his shirt. “Everyone is doing their job correctly.” She tries to imitate him in her head by broadening her chest.

“What inappropriate behaviour is this? Stand properly!” she shifts her attention from the shirt towards her, standing with her chest popping out abnormally from her body.

She laughs it off because she knows that she is not supposed to behave like him. She is not him. She sees her future in one of those three, or probably a mixture of all three of them.

She walks into the bathroom, toothpaste on her brush, brush in her mouth. Splashes water on her face and reaches out for her face wash but it’s gone!

“Where’s my face wash?” She yells.

“I took it this morning; there was very little left anyway.” She gets an answer.

Sigh! She looks around and finds another one. “For Men” it reads.

Bewildered, she takes the black and blue package in her hand and stares at it for a while. “Useless thinking!” She squeezes the liquid out on her palm, rubs on her hands and then on her face.

Strange feeling…

Her face cells starts tightening and getting strong. She washes her face with water and looks into the mirror. This feeling is great! She sees a reflection of a better her. A fresher her. A stronger her.

The day begins to improve.

That day she decides to use his entire collection of daily products.

She starts with his soap. Massaging her body. She feels the muscles of her body building up even more.

She sprays the deodorant he uses; she smells the arrogance in the air. “All the (aro)ma & fra(g)r(ance), probably how he develops so much of arrogance,” she thinks to herself very proudly.

She then decides to use the hair removal crème that reads “For Men.” And as she removed the hair from her body, she realizes why he is more capable of everything. Well groomed. Up to date.
Body hair is for animals!

Next, she uses the lip care that he always carries with him. As it spreads on her lips, she understands how those lips filter the words into authority & dominance.

She feels it. She feels it all. Like the world is under her feet.
Confidence, Power, Durability.

She puts on a shirt, trouser, socks, shoes, and goes to work with her head held high. She is able to work harder and finer today. She has never felt this way before. She has always been a bold character for herself and people around. She has always given up on this boldness in front of him. But not today. It is an egalitarian world for her.

It is all so simple. She is eminently swayed by this enthusiasm. So much that, on her way back home, she decides to cut her hair short. And while sitting in the saloon she joys, “I will buy a shampoo from the men’s section, too. I never knew it was so easy to understand where all that Manliness & the qualities came from.”

She reaches home with a smile on her face and aggression in her eyes.


“What the hell is wrong with you? What are you dressed like? What did you do to your hair? Have you gone crazy?”

The confidence is shaken for a while but she gathers herself. “I have known the secret, Ma! It is not genetic. The magic is in those products. They make it specially “For Men”, Ma. That is why they are different!”

“You are nothing but blabbering!”

She convinces herself that none of them has experienced it hence they do not feel the amount of strength she feels.

The day ends, she goes in front of the mirror and looks at a reflection of him.

“I need to, now, find something for this voice to get deeper as well.”



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