Far Far Away

I see you sitting across the table.
Body still and a roller coaster like nervous system enjoying the ride within.
I see the filled glass in front of you,
the bubbles floating to the surface just to break themselves into little ones
mingle into the hovering air over the table.
And as the bubbles hastily lose their gravity for the act,
I see your spirit losing gravity out of the noisy, dim place.

Your eyes,
fixed on flicking, blue light beam,
moving and touching everything across the room and falling back on your table,
failing to reach the proximity of your skin
“Like all the people in your life maybe” I speculate.

Far Far Away,
Nothing can touch you,
because your weightless spirit is just a foreigner to a mortal land.

I see your paralyzed face muscles
amidst all the clutter of animated expressions in the space.
A straight, blank face, unwinding twisted words and broken stories.

Maybe those nerves are tired of the roller coaster now,
Maybe in front of all your troubles, you finally took a bow.

But dear stranger,
I have known your name,
and I have known your face,
I have known your address
But today, in this dark, strident world
Your exhausted energy shines so bright
That now, I have known you.

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