The Snowman.

She stood there, at the ticket counter, motionless. “How could I have not done anything about it, after all these years also?” A disgusted feeling crawled inside her heart as her body started growing heavier for the ground. She dropped her head down from her shoulders, shut her eyes and gradually released a breath.


She stood there, motionless, as his awfully large hands reached the surface of her gentle skin.
Did she understand antipathy then?
All she could do is freeze and think of him as playing with a snowman with her frozen body. She dropped her head down from her shoulders and shut her eyes.


She stood there, in front of the mirror, motionless. While her eyebrows met each other on her creased forehead, her eyes refused to meet the reflection in front of her. She took a deep breath, rolled her shoulders back and rose her head just to question herself for being a frozen body when another one thought of her as a snowman at the station today.

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