The Larger World


She types “Syria war” on google,
surfs through images,
reads “three year old loses his entire family to the blast”
and ponders over how this world is turning into a monster
and how this planet is turning into a giant cemetery.
The chain of thoughts soon leads her to her own turn for death
and she sympathise with the dead Syrians, out of benevolence.


There, she transforms into a Social Worker


She reads about gang rapes, in the news papers,
in a city as advanced as a smart phone.
and she inquests
inquests about the situation with others in the office
inquests about the social issues in the country
inquests about her own Identity to inquest anything at all
and she grieves for the victims.


There, She developes community services within


She hears about LGBT rallies, at a place far far away from hers.
Yet, she fights
within her parameters as they reject the existence of homosexuality
She yells at them for not being acceptable enough
She argues for her own ideas and to prove them right
She battles with her own people


There, She turns into an Activist.


She is concerned about global warming,
The extinctions of polar bears,
the terror of breaking ice rising the water levels,
She cares about green and clean cities
Drought, floods, starvation, population


There, she evolves as an environmentalist.


Becoming a support to social causes,
out of avocation
She steps into a larger world
Probably in hopes to abrogate her own.

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