“One step at a time”
He told her
When they cried for each other over the phone call on a Sunday evening.

One step at a time,
they began learning to walk all over again.


Twelve thousand two hundred and ninety kilometres
With one step and another,
she sleeps and she walks on the Indian ocean wearing his words.


With every sun rise, he rises and walks with his head held high
And exactly after seven hours and thirty minutes
she starts her journey,
Follow his lead like a shadow to his body







all the troubles behind
And Right,
they took the path to a brighter life.


“One step at a time”
His voice rings like an alarm every morning,
she downloads apps
to count these steps
And at the end of the day, these statistics makes her realise how far she has come.

Even though the distance between them
is just an algorithm.


There are days when these spaces are bigger than seven thousand six hundred and thirty-seven miles.
And then, some days
it only takes fractions of seconds out of the twenty-three hours of a flight ride to reach him.


‘Then about seven hundred and ninety days’, she calculates,
He will sit on the broomstick and fly.
Erasing all the borders behind him
Back home, he will end his pilgrim.



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