Stormy day

I wondered why,
you kept running in my head since morning,
Like a hamster on its roll
Caged in my thoughts.

Don’t you get tired?

“You have a memory” my phone notifies me

A memory that I could not remember of?
Or a memory that I could not keep,
A memory that I wrapped around a stone, threw it into the ocean
instead it floated right back up!

so I picked it from the surface of the unstable waters.

This evening, one year ago, was our first date.

I am terrible with dates, you know
all kinds,
And yet I held on to this one.

How do I remember then, you asked?


It makes me laugh, you know
I wish I could tell you that
Because when I read about you,
It defines love to me.

It defines love to me
in a language that only we spoke
The words, the expressions, the punctuations
That only we understood
Until we changed our language, learnt new ones
And over-wrote it with white ink on a fresh paper.

So, while I sail in the ship of memories,
On this stormy day
I am willing to write you again,
And read you
And tie you to the winds

On this stormy day…

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