The other one


I hope one day you meet a person so naive

Who doesn’t know what love is,

Who doesn’t know what the world is,

Who doesn’t know that we live on the surface of the earth.


So when you show her a pond and call it an ocean,

She’ll believe you,

She’ll believe you, my love

And swim in it like an ingenuous mermaid.


When you let her down

And you call it the magnetic effect of the ground.

She’ll never know the gravity of the situation.


When you keep her waiting for your love

And you explain what space feels like

She’ll never dream of the stars.


When you hold her hand and walk her into the darkness

And you tell her that’s how she’ll see the moon

She’ll never want the sun to touch her skin.


When you leave her alone in deafening silence

And call it communication

She’ll never decode the figure of speech.


When you finally walk away

And highlight one of the man’s traits

She’ll always remember humans as heartache.

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