A letter to my dear one.

I came across this beautiful piece written by a dear friend. And as much as I understand her, I was so overwhelmed that I  had to write to her!



Writing is not difficult at all

You take a pen and paper

Pretend it’s a needle and thread

And stitch your torn tissues with strung letters


Yes, some wounds are supposed to be treated gently

With words chosen carefully

But words are not to be bled my love,

Words should just be straightening the herds in your head


Don’t bleed to glory dear one,

Let the world only know your heroic story

Let the light pass through these hidden wounds

And celebrate the illuminations within you



Gather the blood from these cuts

Mix it and stir it well with sweat and tears

Turn this pinching pain into persuasion

And stitch your torn tissues into an extraordinary creation

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