A bad trip

A trip I took last night to a higher place

But It got cold and dark

And I craved for the sun at 2 o’clock

Why else is it called “2 AM in the morning?”


It was just a bad trip I guess.

I boarded the wrong train

of thoughts that took me to a place

which wasn’t recommended by anyone.


Not even 5 stars to stay in at night

Only empty rooms with black furniture and black walls

No windows because the host said

“you’re on the wrong side of the view



The city that I visited while on this trip

Had no sky.

Probably that’s why people dreaded it

It’s gravitational altitude that made my body so heavy


From there was a down-town, maybe

I kept sinking in salty water to get there

And as I sunk,

the layers above disappeared into the eclipse


While all of the places this trip took me to

I never stepped out of that train

And parallel to the speed was a stream

of consciousness which ran unfocused


This trip I took last night

in expectation to visit a better place than home,

ended finally as I reunited

With the sun through the window of my room.


3 thoughts on “A bad trip

  1. Superb writing! So thought provoking and articulate, it felt as though I was on your journey with you.

    Excellent post, please keep writing.



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