My world is at shrink

It’s a circle with two chairs

And some elbow space within


If they sit next to me

They are out of my sight

If they settle in front of me

Their sounds can not follow the light


So I continue working hard

to remember those faces

and I practice the art

to memorize those voices




My world is at shrink

A space covered with glass

And some fingerprints


Sometimes I see a queue

Waiting for a chance on the seat

Sometimes It’s just me

Waiting for an empty space to rest my feet


It’s always one by one,

One after the other,

it’s too cramped up

to fit them all together




My world is at shrink

With too many characters

And all the stories out of sync


I stare at them occasionally

waiting for them to decode

but they walk away and suggest therapy

for all that silence is supposed to be flawed


Is my world shrinking?

Or does my day end at a shrink?

Will I ever see beyond?

Or will it vanish with a blink?



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