To love, or not to love

It’s not an easy thing, to love


I have thought about him so much

That my brain is him and he is my brain

Now, whenever I find myself with myself

I talk to my head as if it’s his thoughts & train


At least I love myself that way


But…the best part about him being my brain

and not just in my brain now, is that

I get the responses that puts my heart to peace

I’m not saying that he doesn’t


In fact, he puts my heart on fire,

With the passion that his love brings,

Keeps the thoughts and heart beats running

and my breath panting


That’s how he keeps me alive


It’s not an easy thing to love

Well, I did not begin there

Because falling in love with him was a reflex

Which my body demands everyday from that day


Oh no, not that I don’t love him now,

In fact, I am so used to loving him

That it is diluted in my blood cells

Coming directly from the heart


That’s the way I keep my veins together


To love, is the most difficult thing

But otherwise I would’ve missed

The satisfaction of passion & pain that it brings


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