Hello World. It’s time for my introduction now!

Passion for writing. Being an introvert I have found a way of releasing my thoughts out in the world through blogs.

I believe that everyone has their stories to tell and all of our stories cross a similar path at one or the other point in our lives.
One of the reasons that brings me here, to read other stories, get inspired and write more.
I have tried writing short stories, a series of blog stories, audio-blog and now I am inspired to write poems.

This is my tiny world. 🙂


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Glad that you posted something about yourself. Last time when I was on your blog, I was searching for your About Us segment. Also, I wanted to tell you that I am co-hosting a blogfest on July 24,25, 26 and I would like to invite you. It will be a nice opportunity for you to share your views and at the same time meet more bloggers, expand your blog’s reach and acquire new perspectives. You can read – What do you Cherished the Most? post on my blog and it has all the information you need, if you are willing to participate. Think about it and let me know.


    1. I am pleased to receive your invitation.
      I read about it the other day,and I think its gonna be magnificent.
      I really want to participate, But, Sadly, I am not in town on those dates, nor will I have my phone or Laptop.
      Is there any way I cant write before or after?


      1. Hi. Yes, you can still participate in the blogfest. When you write a blogfest post on your blog, do mention this in it that you will visit other blogs on later dates as you’re out of town. You can schedule your post so that it is published on one of the days mentioned.


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