Writing is life. It has no boundaries on imaginations, thoughts, or forms. The blog explores the flow of experiences that comes in the way as it comes, in the form of writing.

Daily life and narrative

The events are never extraordinary, it’s the perspective that ads life to it.
Explore regular stories with irregular emotions.

The flash fiction

A mere word can speak volumes, a mere expression can unfold stories.
Explore all that is unsaid.

Love for travel

Visiting places around the world, to visit places within. Travel can set you free.
Explore the connection between the inner world and the outer world.

Micro Fiction

It is incorrect to believe that words formulate a story. A great story is an unexpected situations…
Explore the hidden stories.


When the words sound like melodies and even in the darkest of your times you feel like dancing to your story is what I believe poetry is.
Explore the rhythm of the stories.

Short Stories

A narration doesn’t need voices or alphabets. A narration is merely a perspective of smaller events weaved into one another.
Explore the patterns.