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Explaining her pride to him

Why celebrate women's day? This is my side of the story.

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Looking outside the Window #36

  "Dead City. Dead City. Dead City. Dead City"   Words played in her head as they drove through the night. A beautiful experience which had taken birth in everything at first, was gradually going wrong. The scenery that she couldn’t take her eyes off, in the day light, was haunting in the dark. The… Continue reading Looking outside the Window #36

Daily Life Narratives

The Limited Love.

He enters the fancy, well-structured, square large cabin. She sits right in front of the door, up straight, on the big brown leather chair, with right leg crossed on the other one and full confidence in her eyes. “Come, sit down Mr…?” As he sits down, she removes a paper with all the rules and… Continue reading The Limited Love.

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Home and the World

(Title inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s novel) “Home is where your heart is” But, she has lost her heart already, or probably, she hasn’t found it ever. So… what about the home? She is back from the typical ‘So much needed break’. Every time she leaves the city, she leaves an integral part of herself behind.… Continue reading Home and the World

Daily Life Narratives

The transformation from Bournvita to Coffee.

Remember how in childhood you use to like/drink milk so much, especially with added chocolate powder to it, and gradually you move to tea/coffee/nothing? Why? Is it because your mother stopped giving you a glass of milk every morning? Or is it that you don’t need all the calcium and protein that chocolate powder contains,… Continue reading The transformation from Bournvita to Coffee.

Daily Life Narratives

He never noticed, and She never realized.

He comes home at 1 a.m. and wakes her up. “I missed you so much in the movie”, and hugs her tight. She always considered him 50% heartless, ergo, his action and emotion puzzled her. In her sleep, assuming it to be a dream she goes back to sleep, smiling. Growing up, sharing their room,… Continue reading He never noticed, and She never realized.

Daily Life Narratives

People-less world

“How worse can it get?” she asks herself. And no, it’s not a rhetorical question this time. She really wants to know how bad her day can be. Mumbai summer heat and traveling in the locals all day, makes her very grouchy by sunset. She wants to experience everything at once and get over with… Continue reading People-less world

Daily Life Narratives

She had his picture

She had his picture in front of her. She was staring at it for quite a while now. She couldn’t understand her own feelings. There were these rush of emotions of love, satisfaction, sadness, a placid smile on her face with an emptiness in her heart. It was merely a picture now, but she recollected… Continue reading She had his picture